The principle of brutality simply states that if you are in a situation where you must use the tool of violence, you must wield it brutally, quickly, and decisively. Therefore, the most important tool in your tactical tool bag is your intellect and willingness to decisively and instantaneously deploy violence in the most ruthless manner available to you once you have determined that violence is the only answer to the problem in front of you.

While violence is very rarely the answer, in those rare instances when violence is the answer, it is the ONLY answer that will save your life. But you must look at violence and recognize it for what it is if you ever wish to be able to utilize it properly for your advantage. Just as violence is not the answer for social or antisocial issues, violence is the only answer when it comes to the asocial.

The Pulse O2DA Battle Academy is the starting point for all of our training courses and programs and is where you will go to review techniques, study strategy and learn tactics. All of the content in the Pulse O2DA Battle Academy is available to everyone, not just our clients and students. 

Individuals will learn how to defend in home and on the street: Basic weapon fundamentals for handgun, shotgun and rifle; like stance and grip, loading and unloading, draw, malfunction clearances, etc. The strategy and tactics necessary to dominate a lethal force confrontation.The confidence to defend yourself, your family, your business and your community.


For $12.95 per month you can get the training you need to properly safeguard your home and community.

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