Peacekeeper's Going Open Source


After much education, we’ve decided to make Peacekeeper 2.0 open source.

Why are we doing this?

The big reason is that it’s what our users want. 

A lot of people have reached out asking why we didn’t make Peacekeeper 1.0 open source. They pointed out that it would enable us to harness the collected wisdom of the community in building features. It would help us to create a better, more transparent app.

They were right. And we listened.
Open source code will also dramatically lower our costs for development

For our current Indiegogo, we’ve been aiming high so we can hire a top-tier developer. Making the project open source means we can radically lower our target goal while still delivering an excellent product.
You can see our new goal on Indiegogo.

The new goal will go towards paying a part-time developer to guide the project. It’ll also go towards improving our reach so we can get even more people on the Peacekeeper network.

A network app like Peacekeeper is only as good as its users, only as powerful as they are numerous. This move frees up resources so we can invest in reaching new audiences and growing that network, creating a more powerful app for all of us.

We believe this move is right. It puts us right at the heart of the crowdsourcing revolution. It also reaffirms our values of transparency and decentralization while radically lowering costs. 

If you agree, please contribute to our Indiegogo and help us build something incredible.

Remember, we want to hear from you.

What do you think about this decision and the direction Peacekeeper is going?  

Even if you cannot contribute to the campaign please take the time to let us know your thoughts and ideas so that we can develop this amazing system together.