"Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough." - Mark Zuckerberg

"Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough." -  Mark Zuckerberg

Okay, we took Mr. Zuckerberg's quote a little too literally. We made two mistakes recently when we released the Peacekeeper app for Android:

1. We moved too fast -- resulting in a broken registration process. 

2. We made the mistake of combining the price of our app with a membership to the Peacekeeper Tribe.

Both of these mistakes don't speak truthfully to the care we have for our users, and how much time we have poured into ensuring they will have a system they can take advantage of immediately. Of course, there is nobody to blame but us, so we'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to the members of our community that were affected. We're very sorry, and we are correcting it now.

We are removing the subscription model and replacing it with a one time download charge through the Android Play store and Apple iTunes store of $2.99. Coincidentally, fixing our second mistake will also fix our first because the registration process will be streamlined, and easier to complete -- giving less chance for error.

So, why did we include a membership to the Peacekeeper Tribe?

We did this primarily because we believe in our Objectives and Pillars. A Tribe membership does a few things for users. It will eventually be an easy, direct connection to trainers in your area, discounts on future Peacekeeper Gear, include a Tribe membership card on Peacekeeper.org (which is the beginning of a reputation system that allows you to list your expertise in differnet areas eg. CPR, weapons training, fire fighting, etc) while also supporting the idea of decentralized emergency response. Not only that, your membership will help us continue developing tools that will get you help when you need it, even faster. 

More than anything, we really want our community to understand the Peacekeeper app is just the beginning of a world Peacekeeper plans on building, and we take your protection very seriously. When you opt-in to Peacekeeper, we want you to know it's more than just an app. It's a vision of total protection independence, and a degree of emergency response better than what centralized services can offer. 

We believe this way is superior than what central planners can create because ultimately, we believe in you and the people you care about, and we believe only you have the ability to make the best decisions for yourself. But we recognize that we jumped the gun when it came to memberships and opting-in fully with our objectives.

So, very soon, the app will be available to purchase stand alone, and if you so wish to support the idea of decentralized emergency response through the Peacekeeper system and receive the benefits from it, then we hope you consider becoming a member today.

All Keepers (users of the Peacekeeper app) should expect big things, constant development, and an ongoing evolution in helping you maximize the security of your household and community. Becoming a Tribe member will give you more options and tools under your belt to realizing that goal. But all of that is nothing without you -- the Peacekeeper community. It is the community that will prove this idea a success, and we are confident in it. 

So, thank you for downloading the Peacekeeper app. Thank you for dreaming big. Thank you for helping us build the new, and most of all thank you for giving Peacekeeper the opportunity to serve you.