Peacekeeper for Android. It's here!

It's been a long wait, with a few of bumps in the road, but the day has finally come. The Peacekeeper app for Android is finally here:  Android & Apple

We want to thank everyone involved, including the Free Thought Project, Pete Eyre, the Peacekeeper Team, and everyone that has played a role in its development.

This is just the beginning though. There are so many improvements and updates already in progress we couldn't begin to list them all. So, to our early adopters, let's start with the basics we have available right now. Here's what we recommend:

1. Begin by forming Alliances with all your best friends and family members. Send them a message with a direct link to the app store. 

2. After creating your first Alliances, it's time to begin a conversation with your neighbors about the Peacekeeper app and forming your Emergency Response Group. We understand this is not easy for everyone. So, we have a suggestion to get the conversation going. Gently point them in the direction of our blog "Why we built the Peacekeeper app".

One last thing. Do you live in a gated community or an apartment complex? If so, you likely have a private security firm the association or property managers have hired to roam your streets and respond to emergencies. Since they are so close to your proximity, they can be alerted when there is an emergency if you wish. If interested, please bring the app to the attention of management at your complex, and have them contact us at You could earn credit on your account, and increase the safety of yourself and your neighbors at the same time.

Our goal is to change the world one neighborhood at a time, but we need your help. 

Thank you for downloading the Peacekeeper App, and being a force for good in your neighborhood.

Warm Regards,

Peacekeeper Team

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