What is the Peacekeeper App?

Peacekeeper is an organization building innovative emergency alert and response systems. The power of Peacekeeper comes from the idea that people care about their family, friends, and neighbors, and are willing to talk a risk to help them in a time of need.

The Peacekeeper app is a tool people download to their Android or iPhone device that gives them the opportunity to send, receive, and respond to a cry for help from someone on their network is in an emergency.  

When someone asks you "What is the Peacekeeper app?" Here's what you can tell them in simple terms:

"Basically, it's an emergency response app on your phone that allows you to quickly and easily send a strong emergency call to action alert with detailed information to other people with the app you have designated to be in your network of responders" 

What happens is -- in a time of emergency (medical, fire, home invasion, or any kind of life or property threatening situation), the person in the emergency taps the relevant button to send an immediate alert to people he or she trusts to respond -- and likewise in the opposite scenario. If you are included in someone's network as an ERG member or as an Alliance and they tap one of the alert buttons, they are trusting you to act quickly. Essentially, w
hen one of these alerts are received, it is a call to action by the receiver(s) of the alert.

The app does require some planning, however. It means you have to have a discussion with your family, friends, and neighbors about what they are expected to do when they receive a Peacekeeper alert. It must be made clear when alerts are sent immediate action is required. 

Within the receiver's alert, there will be a chat box that gives the alert sender the chance to communicate with everyone in the network and visa versa. The receivers also have the option to hit the "On it" button letting the sender know they are on their way to the scene.  

We desperately hope nobody ever have to use our service, but it's important to have a firm grasp on reality. Anything can happen at any time. And the Peacekeeper app is best understood as another tool in your belt of few options when emergency strikes. We don't believe it's the only tool you should have, but it could be a life saving one in a desperate situation. This is what the Peacekeeper app delivers to its users: A tool that could help save your life one day or the opportunity to save another's.

However, not only is it a tool that could save your life in a time of need, it speaks to a greater vision. The vision is a society not dependant on a bureaucratically centrally planned emergency response monopoly bent on violence and aggression that is unadaptable to the real world, but instead is full of Peacekeepers looking to take a risk for their neighbor, friend, and/or family member in a time of need. That vision is what Peacekeeper represents.

More than the tool, Peacekeeper is focused on maximum security independence for the individual, neighborhood and family. This vision includes connecting Tribe members and users (we like to call  "Keepers") with training in your area for all sorts of scenarios that can help you become the best and most prepared Peacekeeper you can be.

Peacekeeper, for all intents and purposes, is a community of people devoted to helping each other in a profound way: laying their life on the line for the people they love. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this important tool. Please visit the Apple iTunes store and Google Play store to download it now. 

Kind Regards,
The Peacekeeper Team