Peacekeeper is 100% user supported!

The Peacekeeper app is free to use, but you get extra perks and gear for being a Member.

Become a member now and receive:

  • A members-only Tribe T-shirt and/or decal pack
  • A members-only insider briefing, including updates from us and invaluable tips for protection
  • Special discounts on gear and training

All the proceeds go towards helping us reach our goals.

Year One Goals:



Continue to increase app efficiency and ease of use.

Develop Peacekeeper 2.0 which will include GPS location, a better interface, more robust communication and alerts, video and audio streaming, and more.


Establish 1,000 alliances.

Establish an ERG in all 50 states and 10 major countries.

Recruit 1,000 members.

Establish Meetups in 30 states & 10 major countries.


Facilitate 100 basic medical classes.

Facilitate 100 self defense classes.

Prepare 100 people to defend themselves through the Armory online training program.

Facilitate 25 fire training classes.


Introduce 200 neighbors who have never met.

Engage 50 ERG organizers.

Personally engage 25 Meetup organizers.

Personally engage 25 ERG organizers.