What is Peacekeeper?
Peacekeepers is an organization that advocates a voluntary and decentralized approach to emergency protection. Our first tool is the Peacekeeper app which users use to instantly communicate emergency information/needs needs via the Peacekeeper app to their Groups and Alliances.

What does the Peacekeeper App do?

The Peacekeeper app gives users the ability to send strong emergency alerts to other Keepers in their ERG's or Alliances quickly and easily in case of an emergency. It is then up to those Keepers to respond to the alert.

Who are the Peacekeeper emergency responders?

Peacekeeper responders or "Keepers" will be the neighbors, friends, and family you chose to be in your ERG or include as an Alliance. A Keeper is anyone willing to lend another person a hand in a desperate situation. Peacekeeper connects neighbors, friends, and family in a way no other system does or can.

Ultimately, the Peacekeeper Emergency Response app brings people in a neighborhood and community together, and is a tool that will help them send a cry for help in a time of desperation or need to people that care and are willing to respond immediately.

What is the Peacekeeper Tribe? 

The Peacekeeper Tribe consists of Peacekeeper members who have chosen to support the Vision, and help bring better, more robust tools to all users. 

What is the purpose of Meetups? 

The purpose of Meetups is to bring training foster benevolence and trust within the broader Peacekeeper community. We also encourage members to network with each other and form Alliances based on their personal preferences.

How do sponsorships work?

Peacekeeper has a sponsorship program to bring the Peacekeeper app and training to areas sponsors decide. For more information, please visit our sponsorship page.

Why not just call 911? 
“Police do very little to prevent violent crime. We investigate crime after the fact.” -Sheriff Richard Mack

Peacekeeper's official position is calling 911 is up to each individual in an emergency. With that in mind, Peacekeeper is built for users to have access to first responders that are willing to respond to a cry for help immediately. The proximity of people in your ERG gives Peacekeepers a greater chance for first contact, and puts them in a situation to save the life of someone in need. 

Why did you build Peacekeeper?

Please see the Peacekeeper's Log for answers to why we built the Peacekeeper App.

"Any reason the app needs to use my mic, camera, media? 

The app asks for gallery permission to give the user's the ability to upload a picture to his profile. It also gives the user the option to take a picture -- which means it needs access to the camera as well. 

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