Your ERG can safeguard your life and property. We're here to help you get started.


ERGs bring a greater level of safety to neighborhoods and foster face to face interaction. We want to work closely with the our ERG organizers to help bring tools, training, expertise, and tips to their networks -- ensuring a superior standard in emergency response is maintained.  

Peacekeeper encourages each user to start or join an ERG with their neighbors and set up alliances with the friends and family they trust. Creating an ERG in your neighborhood can do more than just save your life; it will foster peace, security, and community interdependence.



(Once we receive your form, we will email you with tips on how to proceed.)  


Establishing a ERG in your area will earn you special perks and gear!

Establishing an ERG will give you acknowledgment on our official map, and the satisfaction of knowing you are doing all you can to help make your community a better, safer place. Not only that, we will do everything we can to help you establish and maintain your new ERG by:

  • Listing your ERG in our monthly public newsletter and Member newsletter 
  • Mention (and link to) your ERG Group on our social media accounts
  • Suggest your ERG group to other Peacekeepers in your area
  • Include your ERG group on our official map and directory of groups 

(An ERG must only consist of you and one or more neighbors)


Growing your ERG will help your community and bring your members special perks and recognition. 

Here are milestones that will be recognized and rewarded by Peacekeeper:

  • Milestone 1: Established ERG (with 2 members)
  • Milestone 2: Established ERG  (with 5 members
  • Milestone 3: Established ERG (with 10 members)
Thank you for your dedication and willingness to focus on building the new. We can't wait to get started working with you to fill this important need within our communities!

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