Peacekeeper builds and advocates voluntary systems of emergency protection. 

The Peacekeeper organization maintains the belief that private individuals are the superior means of protection within their communities.

We are dedicated to bringing our users the most advanced tools and communication methods available. Our first product is a smartphone app that enables individuals to send, receive, and respond to detailed emergency alerts.  

In the Peacekeeper Emergency Response app, each user is encouraged to start or join an Emergency Response Group with neighbors, friends, and family you trust. Creating an "ERG" in your neighborhood will do more than just help keep you safe, it will foster peace, safety, and community. Download the app and join us to become a force for good in your neighborhood.

In order to be on the cutting edge we need your help and support. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our blog. Also, if you're capable, and are looking to make a direct impact in the world, help us spread the Peacekeeper message by considering a Bitcoin donation. Your contribution enables us to develop tools and methods that will better equip you and your fellow Peacekeepers to bring peace and protection to your community.