The Peacekeeper emergency response app helps you protect your home and community.

Create networks of friends and family to guard your neighborhood from fire, theft, medical emergencies, and more!

Peacekeeper is free, you can't afford not to use it! What are you waiting for?


Peacekeeper's Vision

Peacekeeper is based on the belief that private individuals are a superior means of protection within their communities.

Our Objectives:

  1. Maximize Protection within our communities.
  2. Offer our people total protection Independence.
  3. Cultivate Benevolence within our communities.

Our Pillars:

  1. Develop Tools and systems for optimizing emergency response.
  2. Establish Peacekeeper Tribes across the globe.
  3. Distribute and facilitate Training and education.
  4. Foster Trust and goodwill among the community.

These pillars support our objectives and ensure they are sustained. All four pillars are essential to accomplish our objectives.

We are dedicated to building and implementing systems and tools that will bring peace, security, and freedom to neighborhoods around the world.