The Peacekeeper App helps you safeguard your home and community.  Here's how it works:


Join us!

Want to get involved on the ground floor and be a part of the Peacekeeper Journey? We are looking for developers, Writers, Trainers, Social experts, Analysts and more.


Peacekeeper gives you choice in emergency response.  Like Uber, Bitcoin, and a host of other market services, Peacekeeper lets you think outside the box.


  1. Maximize PROTECTION within our communities.
  2. Offer our people total protection INDEPENDENCE.
  3. Cultivate BENEVOLENCE within our communities 


  1. Develop TOOLS & systems for optimizing emergency response.
  2. Establish Peacekeeper TRIBES across the globe.
  3. Distribute & facilitate TRAINING and education.
  4. Foster TRUST & goodwill among the community.

(These Pillars support our objectives and ensure they are sustained. All four pillars are essential to accomplish our objectives)

We are dedicated to building and implementing systems and tools that will bring peace, security, and freedom to neighborhoods around the world. 

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