We have been spending many months planning, designing and developing the new Peacekeeper App.  We have engaged experts in many areas of emergency response for feedback and consultation. After many demos, revisions and re-designs we have created a solid foundation and begun the early stages of development.

We are reaching out to all Backend, Android, and IOS developers with an invitation.  We are inviting you to come in and see what we are building.

We have crafted six simple questions to help us determine whether your particular skills can be used to build Peacekeeper. Answer them Below

Don't delay.

For non-developers, If you have contacts who love freedom
and love coding please introduce us.  Our success is dependent on the ability to grow and maintain an effective team of developers.  It will also greatly decrease the time you need to wait to get Peacekeeper in your hands and home!

Don't be shy! Put us in touch.

In Peace and Liberty,

Cody Drummond

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Our mission is to enable people to protect EACH OTHER.

 In order to accomplish this we must increase our support base. Peacekeeper will move forward regardless of our funding challenges.  However, if we are able to bring on more financial supporters the speed of our growth will be compounded.  Know that every dollar you give goes towards our development and outreach efforts.


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