The Peacekeeper App is a tool that gives individuals and families a way to effectively safeguard their own households and communities.

Peacekeeper recognizes that private individuals are usually the first responders to the scene of an emergency. So our Vision is to transform them into viable, highly effective emergency combatants with the Peacekeeper app, and deliver important training and useful gear to them through The Tribe network and greater area Meetups

Here's how it works

Step 1. Download the Peacekeeper App from your app store:


Step 2. After download, the user is prompted to register, verify email and then sign in.


Step 3. Once signed in the user should set up a profile so that others can locate him on the network. Next he will need to add Alliances and start or join an Emergency Response Group (ERG). For more information on ERGs and Alliances please see here. Here the user will be able to search for other users and ERGs near his location and manage Alliances. All users are called "Keepers". But we recommend you add people you trust and care for. 

Step 4. Once the user's ERG and Alliances are established, he is immediately capable of sending four different types of emergency alerts: Medical, Fire, Intruder, and Abduction. Once an alert is initiated, in a matter of seconds, the app will relay all relevant details pertaining to the emergency to his pre-established Alliances and the people in his ERG. 


On the receiving end, Responders can press the "On it" button to inform group members they are taking action. Also, a chat box appears so all alert receivers can communicate details with each other and the sender. Additionally, any group member or Alliance can send an alert on another’s behalf by using the “Report For Neighbor” function.

Join a Meetup in your area!

Peacekeeper Meetups are where we encourage Keepers and Tribe Members in a greater area to get together and talk about how they can improve response times, other effective measures of emergency response, and facilitate training with experts in their areas.

We are looking for Meetup Organizers in your area now!

Please visit here for more information. We want to work closely with Organizers to bring training, expertise, and Peacekeeper's Objectives and Pillars to all Meetup members. 

Join the cause today, and become a force for good in your neighborhood.

Please help spread the Peacekeeper Vision by following us on social media and subscribing to our newsletter. Also, if you're capable, and are looking to make a direct impact in your community right now, please considering becoming a Tribe member today, Sponsoring an ERG and/or organizing a Meetup group in your area. Besides the special perks, becoming a Tribe member helps us to develop tools and methods that will better equip you and ensure Peacekeeper remains on the cutting edge of security systems -- giving users more robust options for security and emergency response.